Welcome to epguides.com RELOADED !

Big fan and regular visitor of epguides.com, I have always been frustrated by some aspects on this website. In the first place, the GUI is particularly awful (actually it is rather non-existent). Besides, the ergonomics is quite limited when you have a couple of shows to consult. As a matter of fact, you have to switch pages all the time, guessing the right show's url in order to access through one jump, to its titles and air dates guide.

My solution to solve those little problems : create a dynamic page, using data from epguides.com in a more effective, ergonomic and beneficial way.

The aim of this dynamic page is not to replace epguides.com which remains for me an outstanding database about TV shows. The goal is more to propose an alternative to epguides.com for people who want something different, keeping of course, the main quality of epguides.com : its database.

Enjoy epguides.com RELOADED and don't hesitate to email me about your feedback on the site.

News(display archives)
  • Just some bug corrections 11/10/2009

    Mostly some modifications due to a small problem with my cron provider : a high percentage of rss feed was never updated. In addition, some tiny corrections related to data parsing.

  • A bunch of brand new features 23/11/2008

    What's new ? Let's discover it through this quick changelog :

    • My favorite shows management : you can now bookmark all the shows you particularly enjoy (thanks to the star near the title). Then, anytime, you can retrieve them back in the top screen toolbox.
    • Customized RSS feed : it will bring you all details you need about current episodes for each of your favorite shows.
    • Today's and coming shows are from now highlighted for a better navigation experience.
  • Today's shows feed16/04/2008

    Here is a tiny scrolling bar containing shows on air today. Informations are provided by TVRage.com.

  • First update21/02/2008

    A toolbox with useful information has been appended. In addition of your search history, you have now access to new items such as most popular searches. Also, some bugs have been fixed.

  • It's on !03/02/2008

    First release of the website.

    Currently, only basic features are available. As the original epguides.com, you can seek for shows and get information about its titles and air dates. Furthermore, you could access to the 10 last consulted shows. New features are coming soon !